Why is Love of Reading Important?

September 19, 2008

Learning to read is hard work, and children who love books are more motivated and confident about facing this task. They learn to read more quickly and easily, with a minimum of frustration. Usborne Books will help lay the foundation for your child’s lifelong love of reading.


Touch your heart with these wonderful new books!

March 30, 2010


Both of these wonderful new books by Pauline Francis are available now!  Read on to see the reviews and an excerpt of each book.  Both books are for young adults (and parents/teachers) 14 years and up. 

Raven Queen – Winner of the Highland Children’s Book Award 2008 and shortlisted for the 2008 Leeds Book Awards 2008.  This book is a mesmerizing tale of love and treachery based on the life of Lady Jane Gray.  This book reveals the treachery, power struggles, and religious turmoil of the Tudor Court.  #527556 $5.99 paperback, 243 pages

Book Excerpt:

“I have lived the life of a princess since the day I was born. But it did
not bring me what I wanted. I am still trapped. My beloved Ned
speaks of love, freedom, a future. To walk with him in the forest,
our raven soaring above us, is my only joy. But my father plans
that I shall be betrothed to the King and I am afraid. Queens of
England have a habit of dying. I have no desire to take the throne,
no wish to find myself in the Tower of London. Wife, Queen – I fear
it will bring me to my knees.”

A World Away is a story written in first person from two perspectives – a teen Indian girl and a teen English blacksmith boy who falls in love with her.  Written for teens 14 and up it is thoroughly researched and deals with young love, death and historical events.  You will be drawn into the story and have a very difficult time putting the book down.  317 pages

Book excerpt:

“Plymouth 1586. I am afraid. These pale-skinned men have killed
my mother and betrayed my people. Now they have brought me
to a place they call England where they want to display me in front
of their ‘Virgin Queen’. My name is Nadie, but some call me ‘savage’.
I find it hard to endure their taunts, stares and insults. I do not want
to live in this grey, inhospitable land. And yet there is one boy,
Tom, whose blacksmith’s dark skin matches my own. When he looks at me
the fire of love burns in my heart. I feel I could find happiness with
Tom – but can his love for me survive in my world, with my people?”

These books would be ideal for book reports, studies on human behavior, history and it’s affects on populations. 

Build your child’s vocabulary!

March 27, 2010

A few fun Literacy Tips to encourage your little readers! How many of you love “Between the Lions”? That great show about 2 little lions who live in a library and learn all about the wonders and enjoyment found in a great book.

Vocabulary Building: Teach your kids new words. We have many vocabulary-building features on this Web site including Word Play and Synonym Sam’s Lab. Our Printables area also has some original word games.

  1. Comment on new words as they come up in stories, on TV or on the radio.
  2. Introduce synonyms – words that mean the same thing. If your kids talk about “the day after today,” introduce the word “tomorrow.”
  3. Correct word errors with simple examples or corrections. If they say “We runned home!” you could say, “Wow! You RAN home?” Or, more simply, “You could say that you RAN home.”
  4. Find books that your kids like at the library. You can then use subjects they’re interested in to add new vocabulary to their conversation.
  5. Open a dictionary and pick a word they probably know. See if they can guess the word by reading them the definition. Help them understand that some words have several meanings, like ‘watch.’ Check out our tips in “The Big Book of Words.”
  6. Write out pairs of opposites on bits of paper and get your kids to match them up.
  7. Introduce a new word and ask them to guess which definition is right? Is HALIBUT a fish, a game or a President? They’ll want to learn more when they’re having fun!
  8. Include kids in your conversations with other adults by using words they can mostly understand. Then they will be able to learn any new ones by getting the meaning from the surrounding sentence.
  9. Pick a new word every day and teach it to your kid. Use it so they hear it in context. Encourage them to use it, and use it yourself. Even over-using it will be fun. Pick a word like ‘outstanding’ and use it whenever something is ‘good.’

Find more fun ways to encourage reading & vocabulary at: Between the Lions. You will find fun games, stories, video’s and more. Parents/teachers – be sure to check theparents & teachers link at the bottom of the page.

Black Friday announcement!

November 23, 2009

Black Friday is almost here – but first I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving!

What am I thankful for? I am thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve met in the networks I belong to. They have helped me when I need it, patiently answered questions while my business exploded and my online marketing grew. It has been a very interesting, exhausting and wonderful year.

Black Friday Contest!
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Best of luck to each of you! – Tina